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Lose the Back Pain

The End of All Disease Book - FREE OFFER

The End of All Disease

Simple, Little-Known, and Proven Cures for 7 of the Most Dangerous Diseases

Jesse Cannone Free Book Offer

Don’t be fooled by a treatment-crazed society and overzealous medical system. Learn how to live at optimal health and fight seven of the most dangerous diseases through simple, holistic changes. The Healthy Back Institute Medical Advisory Board, pain relief expert Jesse Cannone has created The End of All Disease.

The End of All Disease helps you discover and treat the real source of pain and injury without unnecessary prescriptions or dangerous surgeries. Modern medicine is caught up in a cycle of symptom treatments that never address the real issues. Packed with applicable, clear information and scientifically backed truths, this book might become your personal health bible as you harness the power and knowledge to live a healthier life.

Jesse Cannone, CFT CPRS

Jesse Cannone The End of All Disease author is recognized as being one of top back pain relief experts in the US. For over a decade, he has been eliminating pain naturally without harmful side effects. Jesse has been able to help millions of people reach their fitness and weight-loss goals through this book, videos, and seminars worldwide.

REVIEW: I was diagnosed 4 years ago with Sjogren's Syndrome, an inflammatory auto-immune disease. One of the major issues I had was the increasing pain from arthritis along with the other hallmark symptoms. With a slight change in diet (anti-inflammatory diet) and adding daily supplements, 95% of my pain is gone. I recommend anyone that hasn't tried these changes to absolutely try them before considering surgery! ~ B. Moon

Introduction: The Path to Wellness

Part I: The Foundation of Healthy, Pain-Free Living

Chapter 1: The Wellness Model of Health

The Mind and Health

Chapter 2: The #1 Cause of Poor Health and Disease
Chapter 3: Hidden Beneath the Surface
Chapter 4: Everything You Need to Know About Sleep
Chapter 5: Happiness: The Heart of Health

The Body and Health

Chapter 6: Unexpected Invaders: Toxins and Parasites
Chapter 7: Muscle Imbalances: The #1 Physical Cause of Pain
Chapter 8: Trigger Points: “Mystery Causes” of Muscle & Joint Pain
Chapter 9: Spinal Compression: The Backbone of Health
Chapter 10: Energy Medicine: Health Secret or New-Age Hoax?

The Diet and Health

Chapter 11: The Hidden Dangers Lurking In Your Food
Chapter 12: Everyday Foods that Fan the Flames of Inflammation
Chapter 13: Are Your Insides Like a Dried-Out Sponge?
Chapter 14: What Even the Healthiest Foods Are Still Missing
Chapter heading: When Was the Last Time You Changed Your Oil?

Part II: The End of All DiseaseThe End of All Disease

Chapter 16: The End of Migraines
Chapter 17: The End of Arthritis & Joint Pain
Chapter 18: The End of Chronic Back Pain
Chapter 19: The End of Osteoporosis
Chapter 20: The End of Fibromyalgia
Chapter 21: The End of Heart Disease
Chapter 22: The End of Cancer

Part III: The Future of Healthy, Pain-Free Living

Chapter 23: Your Roadmap to Optimal Health and Wellness

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