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Soothanol X2

Soothanol X2

Don't suffer any longer! A few drops of this liquid and pain is relieved on contact.

NorthStar Nutritionals

Institute for Vibrant Living

All Day Energy Greens

Supercharge your energy and overall health with a full dose of veggies in a simple drink mix.

IVL Products

Alleviate for Joints


Improves flexibility in joints and muscles while reducing pain caused by inflammation.

IVL Products



Stops dreadful ringing in your ears! Contains nutrients and vitamins targeting Tinnitus.


Syner Flex


Hyaluronic Acid (HA) revolutionary supplement for joint cushioning and healthy inflammatory response.

NorthStar Nutritionals

LivingWell Heal-n-Soothe


Anti-Inflammatory Supplement by LivingWell and The Healthy Back Institute. FREE Offer

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Getting to Know Ribose

Ribose is known as a simple sugar or monosaccharide. It is also an important component of RNA or Ribonucleic Acid. It is also closely linked with deoxyribose, which is found in the DNA...Getting to Know Ribose Read More

Simply Put, What is the Paleo Diet?

To easily understand the Paleo diet, you must first know where its name came from. The Paleo diet came from the word Paleolithic. It means that, when you are doing this diet, you will ...Simply Put, What is the Paleo Diet? Read More

L-Theanine for a Restful Night?s Sleep

L-Theanine is a substance found in Camellia sinensis. Camellia sinensis is a plant that is usually made into different teas such as white, green, black, and Oolong tea. Once the intest...L-Theanine for a Restful Night?s Sleep Read More

Why is Stevia in My Supplements?

Stevia is an herb or shrub from South America that is related to the sunflower family. Stevia is best known for its purpose in natural sweetener production. It has been said that stevi...Why is Stevia in My Supplements? Read More

Benefits of Algae in our Diets

Alga is a type of plant group that usually grow in the water. Algae is slowly being considered as a promising sustainable resource of food and fuel because they grow fast, have a high ...Benefits of Algae in our Diets Read More

Health Benefits of Hops Flowers

The tasty yet bitter and tangy flavor present in the beer beverages are caused by the so-called Hops flowers that came from the Hop plant. For a couple of years, the flowers are used a...Health Benefits of Hops Flowers Read More

Types of Coenzyme Q10 - Ubiquinol vs Kaneka Q10

It's obvious that CoQ10 is important, but how do we get it in our bodies? Well, this substance is present in fish, some meats, and grain germ. Still, it is quite hard to get the right ...Types of Coenzyme Q10 - Ubiquinol vs Kaneka Q10 Read More

Chondroitin Sulfate for Joints and Cartilage Support

Chondroitin sulfate is a natural chemical present in the joints and cartilages of a human bone. The sources of these chemicals are the animals rich in cartilages. Chondroitin sulfate t...Chondroitin Sulfate for Joints and Cartilage Support Read More

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