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The best supplements come from the highest quality ingredients and the most revolutionary research. NorthStar Nutritionals recognizes the importance of these factors, and it is what ensures they deliver only quality products to consumers. Ingredients are stringently tested before they are added to any NorthStar product. Only beneficial ingredients in amounts that work make the cut. There is no 'fluff,' no filler, and no false advertisement. NorthStar consistently delivers only the best.

Soothanol X2 Soothanol X2 - It's a liquid that you can apply to any part of your body that's In pain. You can use it on a stiff neck, pulled muscle, sprained ankle, aching back, tender wrist, sore knee . . . and the list goes on. And, that's not even the best part! Soothanol X2 also has the amazing ability to help your body ignore the pain even if you don't apply it any further. This can be great news to individuals struggling with chronic pain.
SynerFlex - North Star Nutritionals SynerFlex - Discover the thing that could be the magic formula for your comfortable joints. SynerFlex is based on the 3-pronged strategy that assists in keeping your joints moving smoothly.
      1. Facilitates your joints’ shock absorbing secret
      2. Stimulates a more healthy inflammatory response
      3. Helps in maintaining the flexibility and comfort of the healthy joint.
Chia Seeds BenVia Gold - The ‘ultimate superfood.’ Benvia Gold Seeds contain much more nutrients than one can ever think could be in a single tiny seed. It’s not hard to obtain and is way less expensive as you could imagine. , BenVia Gold seeds have more fiber than flax seed, a lot more protein than soy and almost all the nutritional supplements the body needs. It boosts up your bones, and it’s a rich and dense source of Omega-3s.
Argi-Vive III at North Star Nutritionals ArgiVive-III - An organic and natural secret that provides your body with what it really needs — allowing you to be prepared between the sheets at any time! ArgiVive-III’s triple action magic formula could possibly be the most extensive men's sexual health fuel ever, and the good thing is that you don't need to swallow any pills, as Argi-Vive III's Triple Action formula is available a highly effective drink mix form.
Glucosure - North Star Nutritionals Gluco-Sure - In case you've you are worried, anxious or absolutely dreading the doctor's next appointment, then take it easy. The assistance for stress-free blood sugar is here, along with guaranteed results. Gluco-Sure is made to help you in:

  • keeping your blood sugar level stable
  • Improving your body's insulin efficiency
  • slowing down the glucose release into the bloodstream
  • curtailing oxidative harm to your body
RegeneCell Regencell - Want to look better than your juniors and want to sizzle all day with energy? RegeneCell is a must for you. You can use it:
  • If you want a hunting hound brain that can retrieve any information like birthday dates or any phone numbers on command.
  • This powerful multivitamin contains more than 12 radical fighting antioxidants. It also helps in maintain your vision and digestion.
Magnum Drive Magnum Drive - The sexual urge of an individual can be quite unpredictable at times, and that is why you will find products like Magnum Drive to help out the men in becoming alive in the bedroom once again? This would entail the “re-ignition” of one’s performance as well as desire in the bedroom. This could certainly help them in having the best sex of their life. Thus there will be no more clumsy, fumbling efforts to make one’s sex life a success.
ReStore FX RestoreFX - Hair loss is a troubling and common problem for both men and women, and treatments can be difficult and expensive. RestoreFX aims to solve hair loss issues with a natural, highly-effective formula. It is designed to work quickly and help restore hair- no matter how much or how little you have!

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NorthStar Nutritionals

NorthStar's best sellers include Soothanol X2, a remarkable pain reliever that works topically in a matter of seconds, the Gluco-Sure blood regulation supplement, and BenVia Gold chia seeds. As a testament to NorthStar's commitment to quality, BenVia gold is made up of seeds that far exceed the quality offered in other brands. This is no doubt due to the expert board of well-qualified medical professionals, including Allen Spreen, M.D., who is nationally acclaimed as America’s “Nutrition Physician, and Jonathan V. Wright, M.D. The company utilizes their board of professionals to research every product they sell, ensuring a new high standard in supplement quality.

When ordering from NorthStar, customers can expect superb, well-researched supplements that all have the stamp of approval from an entire board of medical professionals. The company is certainly 'reaching for the stars,' and delivers only the best customer service and satisfaction.

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