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Accel CoQ10 Reviews

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Testimonial of Dr. Sears' Accel CoQ10

I love Dr. Sears' products because they have yet to disappoint me! I used to think herbal remedies and supplements were bunk, but after some research and trials, I discovered they have some wonderful benefits. Everybody is different, but I'd be surprised if you couldn't find a supplement that improved your life somehow.

Accel, by Dr. Sears' private label Primal Force, is a supplement with many benefits. Its formula is designed to boost your body's protection from free radicals through antioxidants. Basically, it protects your cells from damage, and results in healthier skin and anti-aging effects. It also aids heart health and keeps your brain sharp. It is a great supplement for those looking for more energy and an improved ability to think on their feet and keep their brain in shape. I have felt a lot better overall since taking the supplement, and I think it has done wonders for my mental focus. The pills are not hard to swallow and they don't taste or smell like anything, which is a plus.

Accel is the best choice for a CoQ10 supplement for several reasons. First of all, it is endorsed by Dr. Sears, a respected health professional with a successful line of beneficial supplements. Second, the science behind the supplement is worth looking into. Dr. Sears explains this beautifully, and he has basically found a way to 'supercharge' CoQ10 to improve absorption into the body and produce stronger benefits.

CoQ10, or ubiquinone, is a natural substance that keeps your body running smoothly. It supports and protects important bodily processes. Accel has taken the traditional CoQ10 supplement a step further by upgrading the active ingredient to ubiquinol. Ubiquinol is thought to be EIGHT TIMES more effective than regular CoQ10, so while you can find CoQ10 supplements many places on the cheap, you are cheating yourself in the long run by not choosing one with ubiquinol. This is especially true for older bodies or individuals who do not absorb substances as easily. Accel's special formula optimizes absorption, so you can be sure you are reaping the benefits.

Taking Accel is much better than taking more frequent, higher doses of cheaper supplements. It is worth the extra price, and holds up to the usual excellent quality of Dr. Sears' products. In fact, you save money in the long run because you don't have to take as much Accel to get more benefits. If you're looking to sharpen the mind, feel more energetic, and introduce powerful antioxidants into your body, this supplement is for you. I feel great when taking Accel, and it has really jump started my healthier lifestyle!

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