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Real Advantage Nutrients supplements are backed by real results and developed by an esteemed medical professional, William Campbell Douglass, II, M.D.  With over 50 years of experience, he is proud to offer only the highest quality supplements at the best prices available. His belief is that natural is the way to go, and Dr. Douglass aims to offer products at a price that is easily affordable to all.

Ultra Vital Gold Ultra Vital Gold - With this unique formula, you can experience premium heart protection, vision support, memory boost and so much more. Ultra-Vital Gold supports heart health with Omega-3s and essential fatty acids with EPA/DHA. Astaxanthin and curcumin provide a powerful benefit of supporting healthy levels of inflammation naturally.
Ultimate Tendon Support Ultimate Tendon Support - Tendon health is absolutely essential to your mobility, because your tendons connect your muscles to your bones. They surround your joints and keep you moving. Ultimate Tendon Support can support your tendons and give them the nutrients they need to stay strong.
Ultimate PRO Support Ultimate PRO Support - If you want to stay active in your 40s, 50s, 60s and beyond, then taking care of your prostate should be your top priority. Ultimate PRO Support is for the aging man who cares about his health. It helps maintain your cardiovascular health, keeps your prostate healthy and supports an empty bladder.
PomXel PomXel - This extremely powerful supplement contains the power of antioxidants from coffee fruit extract and pomegranates. PomXel contains a potent combination of ingredients that is highly effective in keeping the body safe by protecting cells from oxidative damage and helps support optimal cardiovascular function.
Ultimate Daily Support Ultimate Daily Support - This top-selling multi-vitamin supplement delivers vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids in the proper amounts. Long-lasting energy, a charged immune system and a rock-solid memory are just a few of the benefits you can feel when you’re taking Ultimate Daily Support.
GlucoComplete GlucoComplete - Enjoy life to the fullest and worry less with this scientifically-designed supplement. GlucoComplete contains chromium and cinnamon, which are highly effective in maintaining healthy blood sugar levels. Help keep your blood sugar balance and protect yourself from oxidative damage.
Ultimate Vigor Ultimate Vigor - Looking to bring new passion and excitement back into your sex life? Ultimate Vigor supplement can enhance your overall health and bring your vitality to a new level. This all natural supplement boosts performance and enhances libido in men with the power to help you "reload and repeat."
Ultimate Bionic Plus - North Star Nutritionals Ultimate Bionic Plus - If you want to improve muscle mass and performance, Ultimate Bionic Plus is a must for you. Within few days, you will start getting confidence with your body. The 100% natural ingredients helps protect against muscle fatigue while reducing muscle cramping during workouts.

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How many of us are sure our dietary supplements, drugs, and other products we use and spend money on are doing the most for our health? With so many products on the market today all promising success, it can be quite confusing. Now, you can be sure you're getting a real advantage when it comes to your health.

William Campbell Douglass, II, M.D. at

William Campbell Douglass II, M.D. and Real Advantage NutrientsExperienced veteran of natural medicine, William Campbell Douglass, II, founded Real Advantage Nutrients. Dr. Douglass continues his crusade for perfect health without prescriptions as the Editor In Chief of his monthly newsletter The Douglass Report. Click here to learn more about Dr. Douglass' background and education.

With quality products such as their Ultra Vital Gold supplement that has given health-boosting results to thousands, it is no doubt the company delivers. This supplement has busted the locks on aging and is only one example of how you can enjoy benefits like a sharper mind, clearer skin, and a robust heart.

Real Advantage products are guaranteed to deliver and include only potent natural ingredients - no harsh additives, filler ingredients, or ineffective dosages. Isn't it time you've had a Real Advantage when it comes to your wellness plan?

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