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Joint Comfort Supplement with HA, Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid acts like the synovial fluid that is naturally found in joints. This supplements helps with creating cushions in the joint.

SynerFlex Joint Cushioning Supplement Benefits:

  • Promotes a healthy inflammatory response
  • Improves flexibility and joint comfort
  • Helps rejuvenate the synovial fluid in the joints
  • Improves mobility

SynerFlex is a new kind of supplement that approaches joint health from a different angle than other joint treatments. SynerFlex aims to reduce joint troubles and improve flexibility by increasing the cushioning fluid that allows joints to move freely and painlessly. This allows users that may not benefit from traditional joint relief supplements that build cartilage to have another option. It acts quickly and provides a marked increase in joint function.

The secret to SynerFlex lies in its amazing active ingredient- hyaluronic acid (HA) . Hyaluronic acid occurs naturally in the body and binds with water. When it does this, it creates a gel that that body uses for various purposes. One of these purposes is to lubricate joints and muscles in the body and ensure free movement. This makes sense if you consider how any hinge or many types of machinery work. Lubrication is required and must be replaced occasionally to keep parts moving smoothly. In this same way, hyaluronic acid forms a gel that provides the lubrication necessary to keep joints moving.

HA and other ingredients in SynerFlex work to lubricate joints which the body is not sufficiently lubricating on its own. The formula supports the production of the important synovial fluid that keeps joints cushioned and moving freely. Hyaluronic acid also helps tissues that provide support for protection in the body. Other ingredients work to support and encourage healthy inflammatory responses in the body.

By working on multiple fronts, SynerFlex promotes joint health in a highly effective fashion. It works quickly and contains natural ingredients that work with less risk of negative effects. This breakthrough supplement is sure to revolutionize the way people approach joint health.

Pros and Cons of SynerFlex

Pros of SynerFlex

  • SynerFlex is a great joint supplement option for people that experience chondroitin side effects including nausea, swelling, and gastrointestinal track issues, hair loss, or irregular heartbeat.
  • NorthStar offers a variety of expertise, including researchers, doctors, nutritionists, authors, and formulators. This provides diverse input for scientific research to develop the most effective products.
  • SynerFlex does not have glucosamine so people with allergic reactions to shellfish can take it.
  • Offers a health blog with updates of their products, reviews and scientific updates, which has been running since 2011.
  • NorthStar offers a lifetime money back guarantee, including from empty bottles, if you are not satisfied (minus shipping costs).
  • The manufacturer offers a free shipping coupon within the US and also often has seasonal discounts.
  • Products are delivered US domestically and internationally, except Australia, Germany, and Austria.
  • NorthStar Nutritionals is based out of Maryland and the website was established in 2002 ( 12 years, 3 months ago).

Cons of SynerFlex

  • SynerFlex is not available at local retailers and must be ordered online.
  • There is no mention on the website if ingredients are grown with ecologically friendly cultivation methods, any considerations for GMO ingredients or references to common allergens like gluten-free products.

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