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A New Revolution in Blood Sugar Management!

Gluco-Sure is a revolutionary dietary supplement. Blood sugar management is the key feature of this product, and it accomplishes that goal through various means. An excellent blend of specially-chosen ingredients works hard to optimize blood sugar control and regulate insulin sensitivity. Gluco-Sure contains four strong ingredients that are widely used and highly regarded for their positive effects on the blood. This easy-to-swallow dietary supplement is taken twice a day with meals to provide a healthful, energetic boost while managing your blood sugar. The potent ingredients in Gluco-Sure may also provide additional health benefits, such as weight control and reducing blood sugar spikes, by decreasing cravings associated with sharp blood sugar changes.

The Gluco-Sure supplement contains everything you need to manage your blood sugar and insulin sensitivity. The four main ingredients are natural and generally very safe for daily use. Biotin is a B-vitamin included to keep the body's blood sugar use at an efficient level. Gencinia helps maintain healthy levels further with proven blood sugar benefits. Agaricus blazei is an ingredient that works to aid insulin sensitivity.

While each ingredient is chosen for its proven abilities, the star player of the four main ingredients in Gluco-Sure is chromium. Chromium is one of the most beneficial minerals for those seeking to maintain healthy blood sugar levels. This amazing mineral decreases insulin levels while regulating blood sugar metabolism. Chromium works together beautifully with the other ingredients to provide optimal blood sugar regulation and improved insulin sensitivity. The quality ingredients in this supplement also help control post-meal blood sugar spikes, keeping levels even more in check throughout the day.

Blood sugar management has never been easier or more natural than with Gluco-Sure. It is sure to add ease to your daily routine while supporting healthy blood sugar, improving insulin sensitivity, and boosting energy levels. It is a safe dietary supplement that can easily be incorporated into everyday diets, and it is manufactured and sold under the highest standards of customer satisfaction.

Pros and Cons of Gluco-Sure


  • Gluco-Sure has a very unique blend of Gencinia ivy gourd extract and Agaricus blazei mushroom that you will not find elsewhere.
  • NorthStar offers a variety of expertise, including researchers, doctors, nutritionists, authors, and formulators. This provides diverse input for scientific research to develop the most effective products.
  • Offers a health blog with updates of their products, reviews and scientific updates, which has been running since 2011.
  • NorthStar offers a lifetime money back guarantee, including from empty bottles, if you are not satisfied (minus shipping costs).
  • The manufacturer offers a free shipping coupon within the US and also often has seasonal discounts.
  • Products are delivered US domestically and internationally, except Australia, Germany, and Austria.
  • NorthStar Nutritionals is based out of Maryland and the website was established in 2002 ( 12 years, 3 months ago).


  • Gluco-Sure is not available at local retailers and must be ordered online.
  • Some people do have sensitivity to chromium that may cause tics or spasms.
  • There is no mention on the website if ingredients are grown with ecologically friendly cultivation methods, any considerations for GMO ingredients or references to common allergens like gluten-free products.

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